How to stay healthy during pregnancy?

by Gilbert Watson
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Pregnancy will be thrilling for most people. During pregnancy, you can plan ahead for the collection of stem cells from umbilical cord that can be used later in a baby’s life to treat disease. Moreover, once you’re pregnant, you’ll need to make a lifestyle choices that will help your baby as healthy as possible. A healthy lifestyle during pregnancy is essential for providing the nutrients and energy especially for mother and their baby. Taking a good care of your self is more vital than ever. That’s is because making a smart lifestyles choices can directly impact the health of your growing baby. Find out more in our guide that can help ensure safe and healthy prenatal development.

1. Recharge with fruits and vegetables

Getting plenty of nutrient-rich foods during pregnancy is essential for giving your baby a healthy start on life. So, choose your foods wisely. Instead of taking supplement, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables are the key parts of balanced diet. Try on yourself for nibbling for some fruits instead of fast foods. You can take a quick foods such as banana or apple, thus the natural sugar on these fruits will help lift energy levels. And don’t forget to eat healthy snacks to keep your energy up.

2. Cut out alcohol

Mums to-be who drink heavily on a regular basis during their pregnancy is especially dangerous for your baby. Moreover, by drinking alcohol during your pregnancy will lead you to risk of your miscarriage and also will affect your baby’s brain development. Hence, the safest option is to avoid all alcohol and recreational drugs during pregnancy and whilst you’re in breastfeeding.

3. Get away from tobacco

The best time to collect stem cell is at birth but if you’re exposed to tobacco smoke, either before or during pregnancy is associated with a range or deficient pregnancy outcomes, including reduced fertility, an increased risk of pregnancy complications and impaired infant and child development. Moreover, smoking during pregnancy can cause the serious major health problem for you and your baby. So it’s advisable to keep yourself away from poor lifestyle and quit smoking as soon as you think you’re pregnant.

4. Eat a balanced-diet

As a mum to-be, you should be aiming to eat healthy and have a balanced diet. So then, you’ll get the benefit from what you’re eating such as fibre, nutrients. Some foods and drinks should be lessen or get rid of from your diet during pregnancy.

5. Make move with your body

It is important to be active throughout your pregnancy to keep fit, reduces stress and prepare for birth. Staying active and exercise very often, it is good for your body, therefore your baby too. During your pregnancy, you should moderate daily exercise that can improve your stamina during labour and delivery day, thus will reduced risk of pregnancy and delivery complications. You also can walk around and any exercise at least every day if you’re possible to do. Just keep moving.

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