7 Clever Interior Design Tricks that Will Help Transform Your Home Instantly

by Gilbert Watson
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A home makeover is not necessarily making huge changes in your home. Even something as simple as buying new mirrors, furnishings, or even a new paint job can help.

Today, I am going to talk about some clever interior design tricks that will help transform your home instantly.

Use Subtle Colors in Smaller Rooms

Although you can use bold and punchy colors in your living room, I suggest that you go for subtler colors in smaller rooms. This is so that natural light can help illuminate the room, making it shine brighter than others.

Add Mirrors to Your Home

Aside from the fact that it can help you see your reflection, mirrors actually serve the purpose of bouncing light from a light source. This is great to add in smaller rooms since natural light can easily reach a mirror and would help give the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Up Patterns and Textures

The beauty of modern homes is that you have plenty of avenues for creative expression. Do not be afraid to mix it up by adding different patterns and textures together.

For example, you can add certain wallpapers that have a texture that can help accentuate your furniture that also has its own unique pattern as well. It doesn’t matter it is cheap or expensive just so long as everything works really well together.

Find Something that Makes You Comfortable

To be honest, using pillowcases are a thing of the past. This will give you peace of mind, especially if you do not want your guests to dirty your pillow covers.

If you want to use protection for your furniture, you can make use of slipcovers instead. They are easy to wash and give you that relaxed feeling as well.

Use What You Already Have for Decoration

There are some people that are what I call ‘unintentional hoarders’ in that they might buy things that they might not need…yet.

Look at the different things in your house or basement and see if there is anything that you can put up as part of your decorations. You will be amazed at the things that you might find!

Go Green

It is essential that you start adding plants as part of your decoration as well. They not only serve an aesthetic purpose, but it can also be functional as well.

You see, plants can produce oxygen and if you populate your house with enough plants, you can easily improve your air quality without even trying too hard.

Opt for low-maintenance plants so that you do not have to think about them most of the time.

Make Clever Use of Area Rugs

If you want to use hardwood floors instead of installing wall-to-wall carpeting, then you can help improve the look of your floor by adding area rugs in certain areas.

I suggest that you look at your current floor plan and furniture so that you will know what size of area rug you need to buy. A good rule to follow would be that at least the front legs of your furniture should be on the rug.