6 Website Design Trends You Should Implement to Your Website This 2019 and Beyond

by Gilbert Watson
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1. CSS grid

CSS grid allows users to place elements exactly where they want it to be, horizontally or vertically. It may sound simple, but it actually unlocks a high level of expressive freedom that previously only print can give us.

2. 3-dimensional illustration

Do you want your content to appear more unique and remarkable? Ask your web designer to incorporate more realism and depth to your graphics.

3. Inclusive design

By incorporating an inclusive web design, you can open your web pages’ doors to a wider set of people. Think about the needs and wants of a diverse set of users. Other people see this as a web design trend, while others regard this as a simple act of humanity in order to accommodate others.

4. Outlined type

This is an emerging trend that is perfect for memorable branding. In a vast world dominated by sans serifs, a visually lighter letterform can bring about an amazing look and feel.

5. Brutalism

Brutalism will continue to emerge–and it will be brutal. If you want to move away from the minimal, clean style, feel free to explore this. More and more designers are working towards this style, with the goal of abandoning the traditional for a “rebellious” feel.

6. Vintage Types

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