6 Tips to Help You Recognize a Good Web Host from a Bad One

by Gilbert Watson
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Identifying The Good Web Host From The Bad One

Just like any other service out there, there are some good and bad web hosting service providers. Whether or not you’re running a business website or you just want to run a website for personal use, you will need to spend your money on a good web hosting provider.

So today, I am going to impart some tips to help you recognize the best one from the bad options.

1. Do Not Be Fooled by Low-Cost Options

We are usually swayed by lower cost options, right? I mean, who wants to spend a lot of money on something? Well, the problem with this approach is that the cheapest web hosting company in Malaysia is not something that you want to go with necessarily.

You see, evildoers will usually get these cheap hosting solutions to do their nefarious acts. For instance, they might create a similar website using a domain name that is quite the same as yours and they might do something bad that will tarnish the reputation of your legitimate website.

In other words, these cheap web hosting providers should not be your first option since they are prone to hackers and evildoers.

2. Do They Allow You to Grow?

Any successful business will have room for expansion. That means that your current plan may not suffice. Ask if your current web hosting service allows for seamless expansion so that you do not have to worry about migrating your website to a different hosting provider.

3. Is Their Website Complete?

You can definitely spot a bad web hosting service if their own website is incomplete and is riddled with grammatical errors. Stay away from these as much as possible.

4. Promises They Cannot Keep

Do not be convinced by web hosting services that promise you something that is completely unjustified. For instance, if they promise you 100% server uptime, then that is just full of bullocks.

You see, no server can run 100% of the time since they undergo a maintenance period as well. Therefore, go with one that has many good reviews, especially when it comes to server uptime.

5. Aggressive Sales Tactics

When you go to a particular web hosting company, do they hound you with aggressive sales tactics and promotions that annoy you quite a lot? If so, they’re not really that reliable.

You see, a legitimate company is always confident about what they offer and they do not need to make use of aggressive sales tactics and promotions just to entice people to get their service. Stay away from such companies and avoid them like the plague.

6. Bad Customer Service

This is something very important that you should consider when you get a hosting provider. Do not get a hosting service that has a bad reputation, especially with regards to customer service.

For instance, how well do they respond if your website goes down? Will they be able to fix the problem in an instant or do you have to wait a couple of your precious hours for them to solve it?

Go for one that has a proven track record.

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