4 Huge Benefits of Using Mobile Apps on Campus

by Gilbert Watson
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In the early days of the smartphone, many educational institutions are thinking about not letting their students use such devices for fear that they might get distracted during class. Although that is indeed a possibility, countless research has shown that the opposite is true.

Students and teachers can actually make use of mobile devices to install and run apps that can further their learning. In fact, some educational institutions are actually making use of mobile devices to read e-books instead of relying on paperback textbooks.

Mobile app development has certainly come a long way since educational apps have been highly improved and do really help students learn more.

In today’s article, I will go over some huge benefits of using mobile apps on campus.

Marketing and Advertising

Most of the students do not like to look at traditional posters anymore. In fact, schools and student organizations no longer rely on traditional forms of advertising because it not only costs a lot; it can also lead to pollution as well.

Mobile apps can be utilized to help promote or advertise something within the school premises. For instance, if there is an upcoming event next week, the school administration can send notifications to their students either via social media apps or a dedicated campus app solely developed for their particular institution.

If the school has gone for the latter, despite the fact that it could cost them a lot of money, the return on investment is huge and definitely cannot be ignored.

Mobile Ordering

Because students no longer need to line up to order food, they can easily order whatever they want from within the school’s app. This means that everything will be more organized and more streamlined and students can be catered to in a much more efficient manner.

Surveys and Reviews

A school’s dedicated mobile app can be used to send surveys and garner reviews for students. Feedback is always a good thing no matter if it is positive or negative as the information that can be gleaned from the students and teachers can help improve the school’s services across the board.

For instance, if the cafeteria doesn’t serve a certain type of food, students can address their concerns in the school’s app so that the administration can do something about it.

Furthermore, if there are teachers that want to know how to improve their teaching skills, a mobile application can act as surveys to help gather some insights from the students.

Loyalty and Rewards

During school anniversaries and such, you can implement certain points and loyalty rewards to your students. For example, you create certain games that make use of the school’s app to help your students track the number of points they have accumulated thus far by just participating in the event.

Students can also garner points that can be used to help improve their grades based on certain parameters that are set by the teachers and the school administration beforehand.

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