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Gambling In Video Games


Gambling is one of the most popular pastime activities in the world as it provides an opportunity for gamblers to earn more attractive prizes in a short amount of time. In the old days, there were only a few sites that would provide a space for gambling addicts to face against others with similar interest. However, this would lead to gamblers susceptible to scams and would incur debt. Casinos are built to properly mediate gamblers’ activities more effectively while regulating the operations of every table game to ensure that gamblers are able to play safely. Even today, gambling can be found in almost every activity to add that extra thrill to an otherwise boring entertainment. Although gambling in general is acceptable in the eyes of the general public, gambling in video games prove to be much worse than even slot game malaysia.

In the world of video games, gambling comes in the form of gacha and loot boxes, with both acting similarly but have different purposes. In the loot box;s case, it works differently depending on the genre of the video game. For trading card games, loot boxes serve as a way for players to earn more cards which functions similarly to how physical trading card games work. In other genres though, it serves as a way to randomly award players with free cosmetics in any rarity. This became a trend in most video games to profit off players’ desire to customize their characters with their favorite cosmetic. However, this leads to some video game developers to use loot boxes to lock behind more than just cosmetics. Electronic Arts, or EA, is one of the most infamous developers who would lock behind features in their video games and charge an extremely high in-game price that would force players to pay for loot boxes. This would lead to their summoning by the court to defend their practices as “surprise mechanics that incite excitement in everyone”.  As soon as this incident spreaded across the internet, EA was ridiculed even by news companies like Forbes and CNN.


Moving on, gacha games are a type of genre that requires players to obtain characters and equipment through a “banner”. While it functionally works the same as loot boxes, it is considerably much worse as they are required to obtain characters and equipment to progress in harder content. Additionally, every gacha game has different ways of giving in-game credits and different costs to roll. 


Despite that, there are games that still implement these mechanics into their games as it is one of the most efficient ways to generate income. Although there are some games that provide ways to obtain in-game credits easily, players would easily succumb into paying for rolls and loot boxes instead.


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