2-Card Poker

by Gilbert Watson
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2-Card Poker

How to Play 2-Card Poker

Are you familiar with 2-Card Poker? It’s a fast-action casino table game that is enjoyed by many at scr888 casino.

Playing 2-Card Poker is simple. It’s played using a 52-card standard deck. No wildcards and jokers are used. The players are required to go for an ante wager, prior to seeing the cards. Once the bet is set, the dealer deals 4 cards to every player, and also to themselves. The players are going against the dealer in order to settle the bet and ante wagers.

After placing the bets, the players have the choice of folding the 4 cards, or selecting 2 cards to play, and place a bet equal to the initial ante wager.

All the winning bet and ante wagers pay even cash. Furthermore, the dealer should qualify with a jack-high flush to be able to pay both the bet and the ante.

Bonus Wagers

Players can also do bonus wagers on top of their 2 cards.

Bonus Bet Paytable: 2-Card

2-Card Poker

  • 4-1, Queens
  • 3-1, Jacks
  • 2-1, Tens
  • 20-1, Red Aces
  • 15-1, Black Aces
  • 10-1, Mixed Aces
  • 5-1, Kings

Bonus Bet Paytable: 4-Card

  • 200-1, Royal Flush
  • 50-1, Four of a Kind
  • 30-1, Straight Flush
  • 5-1, Three of a Kind
  • 3-1, Flush
  • 1-1, Two-Pair

2-Card Poker
Bonus wagers can be paid regardless of whether your dealer qualifies, and whether the player wins the bet and ante wagers. Basically, if the dealer qualifies, it is possible for you to push the bet, win the ante, lose the 4-card bonus and 2-card bonus.

If the dealer qualifies, you can lose the bet and ante, but it’s possible to win the 4-card, and 2-card bonus, as well as the other four-bet combinations.

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